Staking Rewards

CORE stakes will earn daily rewards as they are received into the staking rewards pool. Those rewards will be paid in $PLS and/or any other ERC-20 token received into the treasury from the dapps in the POWERCITY ecosystem. This allows revenue collected from the dapps to be directly passed on to the stakes in the CORE. And it allows staking rewards to be collected without having to sell $WATT tokens.

The rewards are allocated to each stake based on the AMPs balance. The percent allocation of the staking rewards pool for a CORE Stake = AMPs balance for the stake / total AMPs across all stakes.

Whenever rewards are distributed, this share calculation is performed using current data to properly allocate across active stakes. The share is recalculated every time rewards are paid to stakes, so a stake's share can change over time as other users create or end their stakes, altering the overall allocation of the rewards pool.

Viewing Stakes

The CORE's staking page will list all of the active stakes held in the connected wallet, WATT value and AMPs balance and the balance of staking rewards ready to be claimed.

This list of stakes will change if a stake is created, ended, transferred between wallets or sold on the PixelPark NFT marketplace.

Claiming Rewards

You don't have to claim rewards immediately. The proper allocation will remain available to claim at any time. The staking rewards are immutable and cannot be altered by any admin function, other than to whitelist a new token to be distributed as rewards. Only the holder of the stake receipt NFT can claim rewards.

All rewards for a single stake can be claimed at once, or you can choose to claim rewards one token at a time. For example, if the stake has PLS, PLSX and PXDC rewards available to claim, you can click CLAIM ALL to receive all three tokens into your wallet. Or, you can select to claim only the one token you want right now, leaving the rest to claim later.

Stakes can be sold on PixelPark NFT marketplace with rewards still unclaimed. This can potentially raise the value of a stake, since the rewards can be claimed by whichever wallet currently holds the stake receipt NFT.

*The only administrative function retained for the CORE can whitelist tokens to be added as staking rewards as more protocols are added to the POWERCITY ecosystem. This function requires multiple signatures and a 9 day waiting period before execution.

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