CORE Introduction

Public beta is live on PulseChain v4 Testnet / Mainnet launch TBD

The CORE operates on the PulseChain blockchain.


$WATT is an ERC-20 token on PulseChain that can be traded on the PulseX decentralized exchange.

Total WATT Supply = 2,782,363,944.41274

100% of $WATT tokens available at launch will be minted and distributed. No $WATT tokens are pre-allocated to the POWERCITY team.

Contracts (PulseChain Mainnet)

WATT Token: 0xDfdc2836FD2E63Bba9f0eE07901aD465Bff4DE71

WATT/PLS Liquidity Pool Token (PLP): 0x956f097e055fa16aad35c339e17accbf42782de6

Staked WATT ampNFT: 0xa42BadB71271e9A460ED93C501308ECaab770c37

Contracts (PulseChain testnet v4)

WATT Token: 0xa67452ceefD7FE4e1AD6C98Aa82a32671274FBf0

WATT/PLS Liquidity Pool Token (PLP): 0xE468B6dBe17CB64522F55d7c2B770A0371c9cA97

Staked WATT ampNFT: 0x9190805d339740441Bb676A2A882a6dd40726738

Audits are pending, results will be posted once complete.

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