Staking $WATT

What can be staked? Stake $WATT or $WATT/$PLS LP tokens from PulseX.

Staked $WATT and $WATT/$PLS LP tokens will be referred to as "staked WATT value" throughout this document.

What can I do with my stake? You can hold your stake NFT receipt in your wallet and periodically claim rewards, sell that NFT on PixelPark NFT Marketplace, or unstake to release the tokens back to your wallet.

How do I obtain LP tokens? You can either access PulseX directly to add liquidity to the $WATT/$PLS pool or use the CORE's zap function. The Zap function allows you to just provide $PLS and the rest is automated for you.

Are my tokens safe? Staked tokens are locked into the staking contract which is immutable and without any admin keys controlling the stakes. This means nobody, not even the POWERCITY team, can alter or remove your tokens. Only your wallet can authorize the creation, addition or ending of a stake in the CORE. Regardless of the staking rewards rate, of the token price or the amount of $WATT staked any any period, your tokens will always be allocated to your wallet.

The only administrative function retained for the CORE contract is to whitelist staking reward tokens. This allows future POWERCITY ecosystem tokens to be added as staking rewards. This function requires multiple signatures to initiate, and must wait 9 days before executing.

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