PortalX Swap


PortalX is a cryptocurrency bridge and decentralized exchange aggregator that enables seamless trades between blockchains. The cross-chain router is specifically designed to simplify the process for end users and minimize the number of transactions required to swap between tokens on the same or other blockchains. As an all-in-one swap protocol, PortalX provides a comprehensive solution for cross-chain trading interoperability.


  • Aggregating established bridges and DEXs.
  • PortalX allows for all-in-one swaps between 20+ blockchains with optimized routing.
  • Single transaction swap execution.
  • Execute limit orders when swapped on the same blockchain
  • Transactions usually execute within a few seconds, with a maximum wait time of three minutes.
  • No KYC required since only decentralized exchanges are used.
  • Users retain custody of assets.
  • No liquidity owned or controlled by PortalX
  • PortalX won’t wrap assets or hold custody of any user assets.
  • Simplifying transfer of value between chains/onboarding.
  • Adjustable Gas Fees: While PortalX will automatically choose the most appropriate gas fee to keep the swap fast and seamless, you can change the gas in settings.
  • All spending approvals can be revoked after completing your transaction, further securing your wallet in the future
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
Last modified 7mo ago