Same-Chain Swaps

  • Connect your wallet to PortalX

  • Change your wallet to the source network from which you are starting the swap, where the tokens currently reside in your wallet.

  • Click the first SELECT TOKEN button to select the starting blockchain and token. This is the token you want to swap from.

  • You can search by token name or contract address after selecting the blockchain.

  • Click the second SELECT TOKEN button to select the target token. This is the token you want to swap into.

  • Enter the number of source tokens you want to swap

  • PortalX will display the prices available for your trade across the different supported exchanges for the source chain you selected.

  • You can view further details by expanding the TRANSACTION DETAILS view at the bottom.

  • Click to APPROVE the spend of your source tokens. This will allow PortalX to swap those tokens through the selected route, eventually into the target tokens on the target blockchain.

  • Once approved, click SWAP to complete the transaction

  • You can view the details as it executes in the confirmation box

  • You can view past transactions from the menu by clicking on your wallet, then selecting Recent Transactions from the dropdown menu.

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