Partnerships & Security

POWERCITY partnered with experienced cross-chain platforms to provide superior user experience, reliability and security:

  • Experienced bridge and routing providers use well-established procedures to secure the bridging components and are already battle-tested and audited.

  • Optimized routing across multiple bridges and exchanges


PortalX is built on top of the Rubic Cross-Chain Aggregator SDK, a smart-routing service that connects many bridges and decentralized exchanges.

A high level of security is one of Rubic’s top priorities:

  • The integration of multiple bridges and DEXs allows Rubic to switch off the provider that gets out of operation, and redirect the user to a different, working one.

  • Rubic has a large infrastructure, team, and developer support, which allows for elaborating on more innovative measures to ensure the safety of swaps.

PortalX never keeps users' funds on its frontend, every transaction is performed via the Rubic API by sending calls to other smart contracts.

Read more about Rubic's approach to security here.

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