Cross-Chain Swaps

  1. Connect your wallet to PortalX

  2. Change your wallet to the source network from which you are starting the swap, where the tokens currently reside in your wallet.

  3. Click the first SELECT TOKEN button to select the starting blockchain and token. This is the token you want to swap from.

  4. You can search by token name or contract address after selecting the blockchain.

  5. Click the second SELECT TOKEN button to select the target blockchain and token. This is the token you want to swap into.

  6. Enter the number of source tokens you want to swap

  7. PortalX will automatically search for the available route to swap between the two selected tokens. The optimal route that provides the best result will be automatically selected for you.

  8. You can select another route by expanding the OTHER ROUTES view.

  9. You can view further details by expanding the TRANSACTION DETAILS view at the bottom.

  10. Click to APPROVE the spend of your source tokens. This will allow PortalX to swap those tokens through the selected route, eventually into the target tokens on the target blockchain.

  11. Once approved, click SWAP to complete the transaction

  12. You can view the details as it executes in the confirmation box

  13. You can view past transactions from the menu by clicking on your wallet, then selecting

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