CORE Introduction

Public beta is live on PulseChain v4 Testnet / Mainnet launch TBD
The POWERCITY CORE is the central $WATT Token staking platform. Revenue collected from all the dapps in the POWERCITY ecosystem is rewarded to CORE stakers. Staking allows you to lock your tokens into an NFT that can be transferred between wallets. Staking rewards are distributed in $PLS and any other ERC-20 token collected as fees.
The CORE operates on the PulseChain blockchain.


$WATT is an ERC-20 token on PulseChain that can be traded on the PulseX decentralized exchange.
100% of $WATT tokens available at launch will be minted and distributed. No $WATT tokens are pre-allocated to the POWERCITY team.

Contracts (PulseChain testnet v4)

WATT Token: 0xa67452ceefD7FE4e1AD6C98Aa82a32671274FBf0
WATT/PLS Liquidity Pool Token (PLP): 0xE468B6dBe17CB64522F55d7c2B770A0371c9cA97
Staked WATT ampNFT: 0x9190805d339740441Bb676A2A882a6dd40726738

Audits are pending, results will be posted once complete.

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