Amplifier Autocompounder

The Amplifier is a custom front-end for both EARN Protocol and Liquid Loans (Liquity forks), that enables users to automatically compound debt positions and rewards earned by participating in these protocols. It simplifies compounding strategies for end-users, who can select from a list of predetermined strategies or design their own custom strategy. The Amplifier streamlines the process by allowing multiple complex actions to be executed in a single transaction via this protocol.

How does Amplifier work?

The Amplifier is developed on top of EARN Protocol and Liquid Loans. To first understand the functionality of either of these two protocols, please refer to the EARN section above. Liquid Loans is a separate protocol, created by a different team, that functions essentially the same as EARN but using $PLS for collateral instead of $PLSX. Amplifier is a front-end to those protocols, giving you access to all of the functionality that each protocol provides, but Amplifier can simplify complex actions into a single transaction, making interacting with EARN and Liquid Loans significantly easier.

Amplifier empowers the user to retain custody of their assets while also providing the capability to compound yield automatically. When a user interacts with Amplifier, they deploy a customizable contract controlled by their personal address. Amplifier executes the predetermined variables set by the user through personalized contracts, allowing complex strategies to be carried out via a single transaction, which can be automated for the end-user's convenience.

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