Stake NFTs

  • Staked $WATT tokens will be represented by a non-fungible receipt token, or NFT, which is automatically minted and added to your wallet upon stake creation.

  • The NFTs determine the amount of $WATT that has been staked, as well as the total amount of AMP allocated.

  • The NFT that represents your stake allows for the transfer of the stake to another wallet address.

  • You can sell staked $WATT NFTs on the PixelPark NFT Marketplace without requiring you to unstake and sell the $WATT Tokens.

  • Owners of staked $WATT NFTs have the ability to claim rewards, unstake, merge stakes, and maintain full ownership through a receipt NFT.

  • Staked $WATT NFT will showcase a unique image determined by the quantity of $WATT and the total AMP allocation.

  • There are 12 distinct tiers defined by the amount of staked $WATT and another 12 unique tiers determined by the stake's AMPs. This increases the rarity of the staked $WATT NFT.

  • By merging staked $WATT NFTs, it is possible to create a larger NFT and potentially increase the tier for the total amount of $WATT and AMPs staked.

  • For example: By merging an NFT that contains 10 $WATT with 9 AMPs with another NFT that contains 100 $WATT and 75 AMPs, the resulting single NFT would have a balance of 110 $WATT and 84 AMPs.

  • Consolidating your stakes by merging NFTs could potentially enable you to achieve a higher tier image or badge.

  • It is possible to add more $WATT to an existing stake without having to first unstake. The resulting AMPs for the addition will be calculated based on the current WATT/AMP ratio and not the ratio used during the initial stake creation.

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