Stability & Staking Pools

Stability Pool

The Stability Pool Providers are the first line of defense in maintaining the protocol's solvency. These providers absorb and cancel the debt from defaulted Vaults.

When people participate in the Stability Pool, they are rewarded for stabilizing the protocol. When a Vault is up for liquidation, $PXDC from the Stability Pool is used to pay off the liquidated Vault(s), and the underlying collateral ($PLSX) is returned to the Stability Pool providers. These providers benefit from a net positive return. Stability Providers receive $EARN token rewards proportional to the amount of $PXDC deposited in the Stability Pool.

There is no lock-up period for $PXDC stability providers, and they can withdraw their tokens at any time.

Staking Pool - $EARN Token

Stability providers are rewarded with $EARN tokens which they can stake into the staking pool. By doing so, they receive a portion of the borrowing and redemption fees, paid out in $PLSX and $PXDC. Rewards can be claimed by users at any time, and there is no minimum lockup period.

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