EARN Lending Protocol

EARN Protocol, the Enhanced Autonomous Rewards Network, operates as a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol, enabling interest-free collateralized borrowing. Users can borrow $PXDC (PulseX Dollar Coin) by depositing $PLSX ($PulseX) into a Vault with a minimum collateral ratio of 110%. Its dual-token system offers an appealing alternative to traditional finance and other DeFi protocols.

Key Features

  • Interest free borrowing.

  • Low minimum collateralization ratio of 110%.

  • Immutable — no admin keys.

  • Censorship resistant.

  • Governance-Free.

  • A user can open a Vault, deposit $PLSX, mint $PXDC, and manage their own collateral health. There is a $500 $PLSX minimum loan amount per Vault.

  • There is a one-time fee when opening a Vault. This fee ranges between 0.5% - 5% depending on the overall health of the system.

  • When a borrower opens a Vault, a $50 worth of $PLSX fully refundable retainer is held. This retainer is surrendered only if the Vault is liquidated. When closing a Vault, the retainer is returned to the user.

  • There is no fee to pay down debt or close a Vault.

  • $PXDC is always directly redeemable for $1 worth of $PLSX.

  • Users are incentivized with the emission of $EARN tokens when $PXDC is deposited into the Stability Pool. This pool is used to settle any debt from liquidations.

  • There are two ways in which stability depositors are rewarded. The first one is through $EARN emissions, and the second one is by receiving $PLSX from liquidation events.

  • When a Vault is liquidated after falling below the minimum collateral health requirement set by the protocol, stability depositors obtain $PLSX from liquidations. This clears the corresponding debt by utilizing pooled $PXDC in proportion to a user’s staked percentage of the Stability Pool. When this event occurs, the net value of each stability depositor increases.

  • Staking pool - Stake $EARN to obtain borrowing and redemption fees proportional to your staked position. Stakers receive $PXDC whenever a new Vault is opened and initial minting of $PXDC occurs, and $PLSX whenever a redemption occurs.

  • EARN Protocol can be accessed via a network of third-party Frontends. A list of active front ends can be found at earnprotocol.io, one of which is the POWERCITY Amplifier which simplifies and automates EARN Protocol.

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