• Aggregating established bridges and DEXs.

  • PortalX allows for all-in-one swaps between 20+ blockchains with optimized routing.

  • Single transaction swap execution.

  • Execute limit orders when swapped on the same blockchain

  • Transactions usually execute within a few seconds, with a maximum wait time of three minutes.

  • No KYC required since only decentralized exchanges are used.

  • Users retain custody of assets.

  • No liquidity owned or controlled by PortalX

  • PortalX won’t wrap assets or hold custody of any user assets.

  • Simplifying transfer of value between chains/onboarding.

  • Adjustable Gas Fees: While PortalX will automatically choose the most appropriate gas fee to keep the swap fast and seamless, you can change the gas in settings.

  • All spending approvals can be revoked after completing your transaction, further securing your wallet in the future

PortalX is a DEX aggregator by design. Meaning you can utilize this application as a native DEX aggregator on the 20+ blockchains (similar to 1inch). Native DEX aggregators are search engines. These search engines aggregate DEXs on a specific blockchain to find users the most cost-effective way to trade on-chain.


PortalX will charge 0.1% of the amount swapped with a minimum fee of $1.00. The fees collected by PortalX will be channeled to the CORE's treasury to reward the native $WATT stakers who participate in the staking pool.

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