$WATT tokens can be staked to receive AMP shares. AMP shares determine the portion of the staking pool rewards allocated to a stake.

  • Two tokens can be staked within the CORE

    • $WATT tokens

    • PLS/WATT liquidity pool tokens offered in PulseX will hold twice the value of $WATT due to the value of each pair. You can easily add liquidity to PulseX using the user-friendly zapper function, which automatically converts half of your $PLS to $WATT and combines them in the liquidity pool to obtain LP tokens for staking in the Core.

  • Stakes earn $PLS coins and other tokens ($PXDC, $PLSX, $USDL etc) collected as fees throughout the ecosystem of dApps.

  • Your portion of the staking rewards pool is determined by the quantity of $WATT and LP tokens you have staked, as well as the total amount of $WATT and LP tokens staked by all users within the Core.

  • When the total amount of $WATT and LP tokens staked in the pool is lower, new stakes will secure a larger share. Conversely, when there are more $WATT and LP tokens staked in the pool, new stakes will receive a smaller share.

  • The reward pool's share allocation is calculated using AMPs. AMPs are not tangible tokens and will not be visible in your wallet. Instead, they represent a proportion of the staking rewards pool. To determine your share, divide your stake's AMPs by the total AMPs currently staked in the Core.

  • The AMP share rate at the time of staking is determined by a bonding curve associated with $WATT. A bonding curve is a mathematical formula that defines the relationship between two tokens when trading within an automated market maker. In this instance, staking doesn't involve trading for AMPs, but rather computes the number of AMPs to be allocated to the stake. This WATT/AMP ratio changes based on the occurrence of new stakes and unstakes, but once you stake the AMP allocation is locked in for that specific stake.

  • Claimable rewards can be seen on a per-stake basis, with the option to claim all available rewards at once or to claim each token individually.

  • Rewards from the staking pool can be claimed by participants at any time, without the need to unstake their holdings.

  • Participants can choose to claim their rewards daily or allow them to accrue, based on their personal preference.

  • Rewards must be claimed prior to ending your $WATT stake.

The POWERCITY ecosystem treasury distributes two-thirds of the fees collected to the CORE staking pool on a daily basis. The remaining one-third will go to a wallet from which you should have no expectations.

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