• Autopilot automatically executes your selected strategy on a daily basis through the "Compound All" function.

  • The system adheres to the predetermined functions established by the end-user and executes them through a single transaction on a daily basis.

  • For any strategy that directs the Vault to mint $PXDC based on a collateral value increase, it's important to maintain a minimum 500% collateralization ratio when using AutoPilot. This feature acts as a safety measure to minimize the risk of liquidation.

  • A user can turn autopilot off at any time.

  • There is no fee to turn autopilot on and off.

  • Autopilot must be funded with gas coins to execute transactions automatically. $PLS is deposited into the escrow contract and will be used to execute the selected strategy.

  • The maximum amount of gas spent on each Autopilot transaction can be limited so the entire deposited amount isn’t spent in a high-gas period. By specifying a limit, the Autopilot will not execute the strategy that day to prevent overspending on transaction gas fees.

  • Autopilot will automatically show the minimum number of transactions that can be executed based on the amount of $PLS deposited into escrow

  • Once the gas escrow is exhausted, Autopilot will stop running the selected strategy.

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