PortalX Cross-Chain Swap

PortalX is a cryptocurrency bridge and decentralized exchange aggregator that enables seamless trades between blockchains. The cross-chain router is specifically designed to simplify the process for end users and minimize the number of transactions required to swap between tokens on the same or other blockchains. As an all-in-one swap protocol, PortalX provides a comprehensive solution for cross-chain trading interoperability.

What is PortalX?

PortalX streamlines the token swapping process across various blockchain networks. By leveraging the Rubic Cross-Chain Aggregator SDK, it connects many bridges and decentralized exchanges. PortalX automatically determines the best route to take across these aggregated services when swapping tokens. This intricate routing system is encapsulated within a simple user interface, eliminating the need to use multiple services with differing interfaces and complicated bridging and swapping processes. With PortalX, you can easily swap tokens across blockchains and decentralized exchanges in one transaction.

PortalX offers users an affordable and efficient means of transferring between over 15,000 tokens and 20+ blockchains. Each swap will be presented with multiple route options (if available) to their target destination, defaulting to the most cost-effective route identified by our aggregation service. The interface displays all available routes, and you can select which route to use for your swap.

When performing on-chain swaps, users can set a limit order to execute swaps across multiple decentralized exchanges operating on the same blockchain. With a limit order, the swap request is held until the specified price target is reached, and then the order is executed at that price.

PortalX also provides a consolidated function to revoke the spend allowance approvals that have been granted to decentralized exchanges to execute swaps. It is recommended to revoke spending approvals after swapping is complete to prevent any dApp from spending your tokens indefinitely.

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